How to Delete VIN History and Protect Your Vehicle’s Privacy

How to Delete VIN History and Protect Your Vehicle's Privacy Leave the past in the past: Deleting information about VIN code How to Delete VIN History and Protect Your Vehicle's PrivacyHow to Delete VIN History and Protect Your Vehicle's Privacy

Dear readers, today I would like to draw your attention on the important topic of protecting the privacy and security of your car after purchasing it from US auto auctions such asCopart, Iaai, Manheim, Adesa or After purchasing a car at these auctions, you may encounter an undesirable phenomenon — the disclosure of information about your private property on the Internet by searching for the VIN code on Google. However, you should know that as a new owner, you have every right to remove photos and other information about your vehicle to protect your privacy. And a specialized service will help you with this —, which provides services for removing VIN code information from the Internet.

From which sites can you delete a VIN code?

In fact, it makes no difference which website contains information about the car with your VIN number. If you are the legal owner of the vehicle, you can delete the photo, mileage, final bid and other information from any portal and absolutely legally.

The undisputed leader in the number of stored information, and accordingly, requests for its removal from there, this is of course Bidfax. After that comes all the others — Poctra, BidCars,, autoauctionhistory, autoastat, autoauctionspot and others.

Keep your privacy: Why remove the VIN code so important?

When you become the owner of a car purchased at auction, it is very important to protect your privacy and personal information. Removing VIN history from the Internet offers the following benefits:

  • Fraud Protection: Removing VIN history can reduce the risk of potential fraud and identity theft.
  • Personal Information Privacy: Protect your privacy by deleting information associated with your vehicle, which may include your address or contact information.
  • Privacy of Ownership: Removing online traces of your vehicle's past history will allow you to maintain control over the dissemination of information and maintain confidentiality of ownership.

Free your VIN with Vin.Rip

One of the specialized services which will help you remove VIN information is Vin.Rip. This service offers the following features:

  • Comprehensive Removal: Vin.Rip uses advanced technology to find and remove all traces of your VIN from the Internet. This includes deleting images, advertisements and other vehicle-related data on various online platforms.
  • Fast and efficient process: Vin.Rip service guarantees prompt removal of information. After providing your VIN and request for removal, they take care of the rest and promptly remove related information from online sources.
  • Professionalism and Reliability: By relying on the expertise of Vin.Rip specialists, you can be confident in the efficiency and thoroughness of the VIN information removal process.


Dear readers, protecting your privacy and security is an important aspect after purchasing a car at auction. Removing VIN information from the Internet using the Vin.Rip service will help you maintain control over your privacy and confidentiality of car ownership. By taking this proactive step, you can enjoy your new car with confidence, knowing that your privacy remains intact.