Traveling the USA | the Most beautiful «gingerbread houses»

Traveling the USA | the Most beautiful «gingerbread houses»

We all imagine the classic gingerbread house such as we have described it, the brothers Grimm German fairy tale «Hansel and Gretel»: a small dwelling, walls and roof are made of gingerbread dough, boxes – sugar, decorations made of icing and caramel. Cute toy house quickly won the hearts of adults and children, becoming a constant attribute of Christmas holidays.

In real life, a kind of analogue of fairy houses can be called the building, built in the Victorian style, which are different from the gingerbread homes only dimensions and construction materials. Originally Victorian style emerged in the bourgeois environment. It served to emphasize the status of the house owner, the architects usually do not skimp on the quantity and quality of decorative items both inside and outside.

We have prepared for you a list of the most attractive Victorian «gingerbread» houses, which, among other things, for sale.

New Haven, Connecticut
Traveling the USA | the Most beautiful «gingerbread houses»source: williampitt

This «gingerbread house» was built in 1876 for Dr. Mary Blair Moody, the first female doctor in new haven. Due to the fact that the house had only five owners, it has managed to retain much of its original splendor. The building is an excellent example of high Victorian Gothic style, and there’s even a full-sized wooden Elevator that is still functioning.

Crystal Springs, FL
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Nice looking mansion in the Queen Anne style included in the official list of historical monuments of the United States. It looks like a house from a Christmas card, lacking only the glittering garlands and hats of snow, crowning the red tiled roof. In the main octagonal room, ideal fir, and marble shelf over the fireplace, as if specially created to hang her stockings.

Clarksville, VA
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The main advantage of this house, built in 1885, is its size. A two-storey mansion with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, eight fireplaces and a separate guest house. All this is decorated with lovely balconies and carved decorative elements, as if carved out of marzipan.

Bamberg, South Carolina
Traveling the USA | the Most beautiful «gingerbread houses»source: estately

Elegant old mansion has preserved the true Victorian charm, despite the fact that experienced a partial restoration. The building was built in 1888 by Conrad Erhardt for his daughter, where it was presented as a wedding gift. One of its main decorations are 16 unique chandeliers, and a magnificent porch which leads to a spacious and neat rear yard.

Traveling the USA | the Most beautiful «gingerbread houses»source: marketrealty

Once you are inside, you will never want to leave this old farmhouse, built in 1883, was a small hotel. There is wine cellar, fireplace, pool, several bedrooms, including the guest, and four bathrooms. Light building, no doubt, has its own character, which perfectly combines Victorian luxury with modern amenities.