The passengers of United Airlines flight Newark — palm beach 6 hours spent at the military air base after an emergency landing

The plane United Airlines made an emergency landing at an air force base in Dover, Delaware. The pilot of flight 1559 was forced to take this step due to a technical malfunction, which could lead to problems with control of the aircraft.

Fortunately, landing has passed successfully, and the adverse consequences averted.

Some visuals surfacing from the #UA1559 incident. Passengers are still at Dover Air Force Base. United says they are working on getting them on their way to @PBI_Airport.

Credit: Instagram/Zlata Thoughts

— Jeffrey Cook (@JeffreyCook) April 17, 2018

The Boeing 737 departed from the International airport and Newark liberty in 22:18 and headed to West palm beach. However, the destination of the passengers managed to get immediately. Around 19:20 men landed at the airbase, where they spent about six hours until they sent another plane. Taking pictures on the territory of the strategic facility banned.

The next day after the state of emergency made an emergency landing other aircraft. During the flight from new York to Dallas the plane Southwest Airlines exploded one of the engines. The pilot managed to safely land it in Philadelphia, but one passenger suffered a heart attack.