7 of the most bizarre places to visit in new York

The most interesting places in any city, state, country is not always on everyone’s lips. Global popularity, typically have the Grand sights that are visible from afar and can accommodate a large number of visitors. However, there are many places, visiting understand how amazing the world is and how much we lose by rushing through life, not looking around.

1. Lily Dale

And new Yorkers, and many people in other regions heard about Lily Dale, but few know about its main features. Here since is the headquarters of the closed mystical society of the Assembly of spiritualists.

In this small town with a population of three hundred people regularly gather 22-25 thousand adherents of the religious-mystical movement. They organize various workshops and open classes on spiritualism and seances and workshops mediums.

2. North Salem

If you, being in North Salem, you will notice something unusual, don’t worry: eyes are not deceiving you! This giant is the most famous stone in the state.

And boulder is notable not only for its weight (about 60 tons), but the type of rock from which it consists: such granite is not found. I wonder who, when and why did you bring that rock over here and set with five stones-props?

3. Chapel Of The Cross Island

No, it’s not a doll house on the water. It is the smallest temple in the world: its area is only 2 square meters. Chapel of the Cross island can accommodate a maximum of 2-3 people and it can be reached only by boat.

Regular services are not held here, but on special occasions the chapel is available to visitors.

4. The Museum Of Jell-O

New York is well known for his love of oddities, but who would have thought that in the town of Le Roy (Genesee County) will dedicate a Museum for Jell-O!

Wherever you look, everywhere there are bright antique boxes Jell-O, which you probably never seen before. In General, the visit to the Museum is a very interesting way to study the history of this dessert.

5. Pine Bush

Turns out, the state of new York there is another capital. Pine Bush population less than 2 thousand people known as the UFO capital of the East coast. The people of this town from the 1960s years, claim that they are often visited by aliens.

Still pine Bush maintains its reputation as a refuge for the newcomers, filling yourself with reminders of them from the annual fair to the monuments of the flying saucers!

6. Big Duck

Again the eyes do not deceive you, and it’s not photoshopped. This is the big Duck in Flanders! Built in 1931, in the literal sense of the word more («growth» in 7 meters) duck became a historic site, once even in a national registry.

During the winter holidays it is decorated with Christmas lights, turning in a truly great art object.

7. Tipperary Hill

Tipperary hill area in Syracuse, mostly populated by descendants of immigrants from Ireland. The story goes that in the 20-ies of the last century, the Irish living in the area, completely ignored traffic signals, protesting against the location of the red (British) colors over the green (the national color of the Irish flag).

To restore at least some order on the road, the traffic light is hung upside down.