Trump has suspended the operation of Boeing 737 Max in USA

President Donald trump made a statement today in which it announced that it had prepared policy to immediately suspend the operation of Boeing 737 Max in the United States. Notified all airlines and crews. «The airlines and FAA agree with the decision. The planes currently in the air will continue to fly to the destination, where ostanutsa until the investigation is completed. The safety of the American people and all people is our top priority».

Trump has suspended the operation of Boeing 737 Max in USA

Even in the morning, aviation authorities did not agree with the idea of stopping flights of this model. The Federal aviation administration (FAA) said today that there is no reason to stop using the Boeing 737 Max. Meanwhile, the European Union, UK, India, China and several other countries have already suspended flights of these machines. The Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo called on the FAA to closely examine the issue and ensure the safety of people.

«So far, our review shows no systemic problems with performance and gives no grounds for revocation of the aircraft,» — said the head of the FAA Daniel Elwell on Tuesday. Boeing 737 Max is operated in the USA by American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, United Airlines uses Max 9, their representatives assure that guarantee the safety of flights.

As writes Daily Mail, the pilots on two flights in the USA these days reported that the automated system made them the Boeing 737 Max to suddenly tilt down: «after turning on the autopilot the nose sharply bent down. In both cases, they quickly recovered after turning off the autopilot and taking the controls». This information the publication received from the database collected by NASA, including voluntary reports of pilots about the operation of various models of aircraft.

The preliminary findings of the investigation in October in Indonesia, which killed 189 people indicate abnormal behavior of the autopilot, as to the probable cause of the tragedy. About the causes of the disaster in Ethiopia, where recently killed 157 people, far sooner.

Only in the world of aviation uses 350 of these machines. Of course, their opinion of the operation can be a serious blow to Boeing, the American aircraft industry in General and will play into the hands of European competitors. However, the lives of passengers is more important, and American politicians are now required to suspend the flights of questionable plane.

More than a dozen governments have already grounded the 737 Max, and the FAA should urgently consider the basis on which those governments have acted — and move decisively to assure that the public»s safety is protected.

— Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) March 12, 2019

The Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo said on Twitter today: «More than a dozen governments have already stopped flying 737 Max, and the FAA should consider the grounds on which the government acted — and act decisively to ensure that public safety is protected».