Like in the movies: a cry for help on the bottle with a note saved a family trapped at a raging waterfall

Family trapped at the waterfall, was saved, thanks to the plastic bottle, on which they scrawled: «Help!»

44-year-old Curtis Whitson, his girlfriend 34-year-old crystal Ramirez and 13-year-old son hunter was suddenly on the isolated site of a raging 40-foot waterfall during a hike in the forests of California.

The rope that was supposed to be fixed in the upper part of the chute — the only safe way down was not.

«It was just the water level that caught us by surprise and we thought that we control it,» said Curtis in an exclusive interview with ABC News.

When Curtis made the same journey seven years ago, to the slippery stone wall was attached a strong rope. Then he carefully descended the slope of the waterfall for 15 minutes and continued his adventure. This time it was different.

The water was too fast to Curtis managed to attach your rope and go down. Mobile communication in the place did not catch.

Like in the movies: a cry for help on the bottle with a note saved a family trapped at a raging waterfallThe family figured out how to escape from the trap: they put in a plastic bottle with a paper receipt where you wrote the message.

«At first it was a date, and then was written: «Stuck on the waterfall. Please send help!»», — said Curtis.

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Then the man scratched on the bottle: «Need help», and threw it into the water.

«I looked at hunter and said that we did everything we could. Now we just have to wait to see what happens next,» said Curtis Whitson.

Around midnight they woke up to the voice from the loudspeaker:

«This emergency rescue service — you’ve found it! Stay where you are and we will be back to pick you up tomorrow morning».

It turned out that two tourists who were almost half a mile from the falls, found the bottle and informed the Manager of the campground who informed the police. Family was rescued by helicopter the next day.

«It amazes me how it all came together perfectly, said Curtis. — What are the odds?»

Crystal also commented on their lucky escape:

«Such things happen only in the movies. To see the real message in the bottle was the reason that someone actually escaped, is staggering.»