The day after Christmas, was for 100 million Americans auto-nightmare

The day after Christmas promises to be a nightmare for those who are going home after the holiday weekend. Especially the problem will be felt by those who travel at the wheel.

According to calculations of the transport analysis company, about 116 US citizens will travel between 21 Dec to 1 Jan. This was the highest figure for the last 20 years. According to experts, around 104 million Americans are traveling around the country this Thursday.

Particularly strong delays expected on the roads of the United States, and in new York and Washington, traffic delays could increase threefold.

«In view of the fact that children do not go to school, and many Americans take extended vacations during the holidays, this week drivers will experience a deterioration in traffic.» says transport expert Trevor Reid.

Reid also added that the knowledge of the time and place of occurrence of congestion will help to save time and avoid stress while traveling.

The day after Christmas, was for 100 million Americans auto-nightmarePeak period congestion in major cities, according to the transport analysis company.

According to forecasts, peak period congestion in such cities as Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, new York, San Francisco and Washington, is expected on Thursday, between 16:00 and 18:45. Meanwhile, in Boston, Houston and Seattle severe congestion will occur between 16:00 and 18:45 on Friday.

In addition, between December 26 and 27 will fly about 3 million Americans.