The plane had to make an emergency landing when a passenger tried to eat your cell

Flight EasyJet from Manchester (UK) in Iceland was forced to make an unscheduled landing after one of the passengers behaved inappropriately and tried to eat your cell phone.

As reported by the Edinburgh News, the incident occurred on January 28. A passenger named Matthew Flaherty was on Board the plane when she pulled the bottle of gin from the cabin. He quickly became drunk and tried to start a conversation with a neighbor.

When the woman ignored him, he began to curse her, and then said he was going to kill her family.

The crew tried to defuse the situation, but he began to threaten the head of the crew, who then consulted with the pilot, and the pilot took the decision to close the cockpit door and land the plane at the nearest airport, which happened to be in Edinburgh.

When the plane landed, he pulled out his cell phone and begin to break it into pieces, cutting his hands. He took some of the broken parts and put them in his mouth. The battery of the phone fell on the seat and began to burn and emit smoke. One flight attendant managed to fill it with water.

After the plane landed, the police took Flaherty into custody, and the man he had racially insult one of the constables.

This week in court the man pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and the actions that could jeopardize the safety of the aircraft. The sentence will make in March.

Lawyer Flaherty, Richard Souter, argued that his client remembers almost nothing about the incident. According to him, the reason for this behavior was mixing alcohol with painkillers prescribed Flare from pinched nerve.