Passengers in a panic began to jump overboard, knowing that the crew members – the symptoms of coronavirus (video)

Dramatic footage of the mass panic on the ferry in Indonesia, where some passengers had jumped overboard after the ship was blocked from joining because of fears of the coronavirus.

Indonesian ferry walked through Borneo to the island of Sulawesi, but when he arrived at the port of Maumere, he was refused permission to dock after three of the crew members showed symptoms similar to the coronavirus.

After 255 passengers on Board the KM Lambelu announced the decision, five of them decided to jump overboard and try to swim to land.

However, their attempts were unsuccessful and rescuers picked them up and confirmed that none of them received injuries.

Later the vessel was allowed to approach, and medical personnel in full protective gear came on Board and inspected passengers and crew members before they were transferred to quarantine on land.

Three crew members reportedly tested positive for coronavirus, but unreliable on the set for a quick test, after which they were subjected to more accurate examination, the results of which are still unknown.

In Indonesia yet 3293 confirmed case of coronavirus have died 280 people. Nevertheless, Research centre of mathematical modelling of infectious diseases estimates that due to the lack of testing there were only 2% of cases of the disease in the country.

Moreover, the country is difficult to implement and apply the measures of social distancing on its 17,000 Islands, and there are fears that the health system will not be able to handle the situation in remote areas.

According to the world health organization (who), in Indonesia, on average, one thousand people have 1 hospital bed and one physician per 10,000 people.