Crew members of a cruise ship on a hunger strike, being several months in quarantine

Crew members of a cruise ship on a hunger strike. Workers are desperately trying to return home after several months of quarantine due to the coronavirus.

Due to the fact that passengers of cruise lines have long left their cabins, working major shipping lines are left stranded and are taking extreme measures, reports the Miami Herald.

«At the moment we feel that we are all hostages, — said in an interview with a crew member, Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas docked in Miami. — The company must understand that we are not a box of products that can be moved».

Fourteen crew members, citizens of Romania who are on the ship from March 13, held over 72 hours without food in protest against the continued detention. Thus they require the cruise lines to let them go home.

Two workers cruise lines have died on ships. One of the victims was a 39-year-old woman who jumped overboard on the ship of the Princess Cruise Line. Also killed a man, but the company said the cause of death.

As reported by the Herald, the representative of Royal Caribbean Cruises sent home almost 15 000 of the 70 000 of its employees, and by the end of the month, plans to send most of the remainder home. About 100 crew members are obliged to support the empty ships.