Holidays in Hawaii

Holidays in Hawaii

Hawaii, with its wonderful water and golden sand, is the most visited island in the Pacific Ocean. The formation of the islands is based on interesting geographical events. The largest island of Hawaii has seven volcanoes, some of which are still active. In addition, there are volcanoes that are active and inactive under the ocean, to which the Hawaiian Islands owe their formation, since the archipelago was created when the lava of the volcanoes hardened and eventually formed rocks.

A paradise on earth, the Hawaiian Islands are so beautiful with their tropical and temperate climate that a huge number of tourists come here every year — from surfers to vacationers, from explorers to travelers.

But what is worth visiting in this amazing place? Waikiki Beach Holidays in Hawaii

Located in the capital city of Honolulu, this beach is at the top of the list of places to visit. The beach is a unique destination for surfers and is also known for its beautiful sunsets. It's no surprise that Hawaii is one of the 15 great travel destinations for photography lovers.

Hanauma Bay Beach

If anyone craves swimming with turtles, then you should definitely add this place to your itinerary because these wonderful creatures are here accustomed to floating people. The ideal months for turtle fun are the summer months.

Lyon Arboretum and Manoa Valley

These valleys are known for their abundant oxygen and greenery and are characterized as a piece of paradise. It's worth adding them to your list of places to see wonderful botanical gardens and diversity that can't be seen anywhere else in the world.

Ala Moana Park Holidays in Hawaii

After enjoying the beaches of Hawaii, you can visit this quiet park, which covers an area of ​​u200bu200b100 acres. Moreover, you can swim here. This park in Honolulu has been offering visitors an enjoyable experience since 1950.

Foster Botanical Garden

This park has a history dating back to 1853. Here you can see more than 170 plants, terraces filled with greenery and an ancient valley.

Iolani Palace

Hawaii is not only beaches, botanical gardens, volcanoes, craters; it is a place that attracts attention with its structures. This palace belonged to the kingdom and has wonderful architecture. It is now a museum containing historical artifacts.

Diamond Crater

Besides Koko Crater in Hanauma Bay, Diamond Crater is a formation that all tourists want to see because of its unusual structure and appearance. This 500,000-year-old crater, which was discovered by British sailors, is also suitable for rock climbing.

Pearl Harbor Holidays in Hawaii

Due to the Japanese bombing of Oahu, Pearl Harbor became a historic event that severely damaged three ships and killed 2,500 American soldiers. After this sad event, it was decided to build monuments and museums for these three ships and open Pearl Harbor to visitors to Hawaii.


The island of Maui has beaches and coves where you can enjoy your time. You can have a great holiday here with good drinks and food at resorts such as Kihei, Lahaina and Wailea. It is worth visiting Makena Bay and Big Beach, which are the most famous bays on Maui. A small beach called Nudist Camp is also located behind the Big Beach.


One of the reasons why Hawaii is so attractive to tourists is because it is an unspoiled area. It's worth including Kauai on your travel itinerary to see this paradise because it has untouched beauty and many natural formations. One of them is Waimea Canyon, which is 16 kilometers long and 900 meters deep. After a pleasant journey along the walking path, you can drink Kauai's famous coffee. You can also see Kauai's Hanakapiai Falls and camp at Kalalau Beach.

Warm, pleasant weather, plenty of sun and plenty of cool things to do and see in the Hawaiian Islands. But the archipelago's most remote inhabited islands offer much more than many travelers realize. Beyond sun and sand, cities and shopping, Hawaii boasts incredible natural wonders from soaring red canyons to hidden jungle waterfalls and an incredible underwater ecosystem. Hawaii is a tropical paradise that needs to be discovered again and again.