900 without light: on the North-Eastern States hit by storm (photos)

900 without light: on the North-Eastern States hit by storm (photos)

Almost 900 thousand people remained without electricity today, October 30 after the storm with hurricane speed winds hit the North-Eastern States.

Interruptions in the supply of electricity recorded in Massachusetts, Rhode island, Connecticut, new York, Vermont, Maine and new Hampshire, suffered the most as times new Hampshire (227 thousand customers without electricity) and mA (232 thousand without light).

900 without light: on the North-Eastern States hit by storm (photos)

According to FlightAware, new York airport LaGuardia had delays of up to two hours and 250 flights were all canceled.

In Albany, new York, has dropped almost 6 inches of rain. Meteorologists warn that the water level in rivers will rise during the week. In Massachusetts and Rhode island gusts reached 80 miles per hour, there pushed a lot of trees.

In Newark, state of new Jersey, the driver miraculously escaped from a car that started flooding. «I do not think that there is so deep I had to climb out the window,» he told WABC. In Kearny (new Jersey) rescuers in a boat pulled out of the car a woman with a child.

Have not regretted the storm and the southern States. In Florida, echoes of tropical storm Philippe brought a few tornadoes in areas around Miami-Dade and palm beach. Fortunately, according to preliminary information, nobody was hurt.

«The threat of a large and sudden flood took place for most of the northeastern States, except Northern areas of new Hampshire and Maine,» said meteorologist ABC Daniel Manzo.

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Last night’s storm left more than 300,000 people in Massachusetts without power: https://t.co/kMuEeAMSyh pic.twitter.com/cB0GbzRGmO

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Rough seas on Long Island Sound sent numerous small boats into the Connecticut coast, even causing some of them to overturn.

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