Pennsylvania «buried» under the meter layer of snow (photo)

Pennsylvania «buried» under the meter layer of snow (photo)

Christmas storm brought record amounts of snow in Pennsylvania, specifically the city of Erie, burying homes and cars under 1.3 meter layer of snow (53 inches).

As reported by the national weather service in Cleveland, the snow storm began on Monday, then stopped. And night and early Tuesday morning, December 26, she continued.

Pennsylvania «buried» under the meter layer of snow (photo)

As a result, the city received up to 53 inches of snow and it is a record of Pennsylvania in the history of weather observations. The previous record was recorded in Morgantown when, in March 1958 there dropped 44 inches of snow.

In General, the States of the northeast and Midwest expect cold.

So, in new York the temperature is slightly below 0°C, and forecasters warn of a cold wind in this state, as in Vermont, Maine and new Hampshire. According to forecasters, frostbite on the wind you can get in just 30 minutes.

In Chicago is even colder in the coming days there predict -10°C and below. Arctic air masses will cause frost and strong winds in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan and Indiana.

The inhabitants buried under the snow Erie urged to avoid travel by cars, yet the roads are not clear.

Many local residents shared photos of the snowy city in social networks.

Car? What car? #erie #snow

— Brooke Thomas (@Brt330) December 26, 2017

I grew up in Erie, PA but have never seen snow like we’ve had here in the last 24 hours. It’s crazy that there’s hardly any back in Cleveland right now. Here’s the obligatory patio table photo.

— Mike Richwalsky (@mrichwalsky) December 26, 2017