In Massachusetts frozen ocean (video)

In Massachusetts frozen ocean (video)

A clear proof of how cold it was in Massachusetts (as well as around the North-East coast) in recent weeks, provided the user YouTube Ryan Canty.

With the camera on the drone Ryan took blocks of ice, which covered the ocean in the Gulf of Buzzards (Buzzards Bay) and along the coast of old silver beach (Old Silver Beach) to Falmouth (Falmouth), Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts frozen ocean (video)

The freezing waters off Cape cod (Cape Cod) is a rare phenomenon. The last time this happened in 2015, according to Patch. Then, the state has forged a record snowfall and cold, and the shore was washed icebergs the size of a car.

The last two weeks in Massachusetts were frozen sharks, their carcasses dumped on the beaches. And in new Hampshire in the bitter cold of hot water per second were turning into ice crystals.

But there are for residents of the North-East and good news: the temperature of the air is gradually approaching the norm. So, by Friday in Massachusetts is expected from 42.8 to 46, 4°F (+6…+8°C) and on the weekends from 35.6 to 44.6°F (+2…+7°C). Monday again colder, but not essential — to 24.8…of 41.0°F (-4…-5°C).

«In Massachusetts, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy found three thresher sharks washed up in Cape Cod,…

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