Frost can destroy the crop in California

Frost can destroy the crop in California

After a warm beginning of February the West coast of the United States covered the cold front. Even in southern California the thermometer slipped from 20-26 ºC to 10ºC in the North and in the centre are expected night frost.

In places of possible rain. On Tuesday in Los Angeles the promise of rain, and in mountainous regions the snow.

The cold is a threat to future crops in California’s Central valley — the heart of the agricultural region.

According to forecasts by Accuweather on Tuesday early morning temperature in the valley of the San Joaquin down to 3 ºC below zero. Under such weather conditions, blooming during early heat color on the cherry and almond trees have little chance to persist. Therefore, the fruit will be small or not at all. Note that CA provides 70% of the supply of almonds in the world, hence the product can increase dramatically in price.

Threatened the vineyards, strawberries, some vegetables and lemons, although large-scale damage to citrus crops is unlikely.