On the West coast — snow-storm to the South, the threat of a tornado

Apparently, spring came into its own throughout the territory of the United States.

So, on the West coast this morning, April 12, was struck by a strong snow storm. Especially the heavy snowfall was in Washington stateand in the Sierra Nevada in California. Night due to severe weather conditions was closed part of interstate highway 80.

According to forecasters, the cyclone moves to the Southeast. Warning snow and strong winds issued for Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

By Friday, April 13, the storm system forecast to reach the southern States. Along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, North and South Carolina expected severe hail and gusty winds. Meteorologists warn residents of these States and of the danger of a tornado.

But warm air to the week-end will move into the Midwest and northeast United States. In Chicago , the air warms up to 21°C, and in Washington (D.C.), Virginia, Northern Texas and southern Kansas, and to +30°C!