In the Gulf of Mexico, the formation of the first «named» storm — Alberto

The season of hurricanes has not yet come, but the National hurricane center is closely watching an area of showers and thunderstorms in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to meteorologists, there is a small chance (about 20-30%) that the cyclone could become the first «named storm» in the Atlantic over the next 48 hours.

«Whatever it was, the cyclone will bring heavy rains to Florida,» said the National weather service in Miami.

In the next few days the storm system will move slowly northeast in the Gulf of Mexico. Because of heavy rains in some areas of the sunshine state possible floods, but for some people even this is good news, because part of Florida is now suffering from a severe drought.

If the cyclone will become the name of a tropical storm or tropical depression, it will happen before the start of the hurricane season in the Atlantic, which starts June 1. In this case a storm or hurricane will be named «Alberto».

Just before the hurricane season begins in the Pacific ocean. We will remind, on may 10, there was formed the first tropical depression, which, fortunately, turned neither in the storm nor hurricane.

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A disturbance over the eastern Gulf of Mexico is forecast to bring heavy rain to the FL peninsula as it drifts slowly over the next couple of days. There exists a LOW chance of tropical formation over the next 48 hrs.

— NWS (@NWS) May 14, 2018