The center of hurricane Michael from space it looks like a creepy skull (photo)

Photos and videos taken by satellites, though warn that the hurricane is «Michael» — is extremely dangerous!

In «eye of the storm» by meteorologists and ordinary people saw in these images the skull.

#Michael has that ‘skull’ appearance on IR satellite this morning as the eye is beginning to clear out through the CDO.

Jim Dickey (@WxDickey) October 9, 2018

«»Skull» appeared on the morning of Tuesday, October 9, when «the eye of the hurricane» began to appear through the surrounding storm clouds,» — said a meteorologist from Fort Myers (FL) Jim wild.

However, not to panic. First, 12 hours later, Ivan’s skull was more like a grinning smiley face. (What it reminds you depends solely on your imagination.)

Second, this phenomenon is not exceptional. Like «skull» was in the eye of the hurricane «Matthew» that has swept across Haiti in October 2016.

Is it just us or does the center of Hurricane #Michael look like a SKULL? Meteorologist @WxDickey pointed this out. #hurricanemichael

This happened previously with Hurricane Matthew in 2016:

— AccuWeather (@accuweather) October 9, 2018

Whatever it was, «Michael» really very dangerous. We will remind, it already reached 4-th category, and, according to forecasts, if prior to landfall it will weaken, it will be the strongest hurricane that ever hit Florida in the history of the sunshine state.