Approximately 46 residents of Mexico beach, destroyed by hurricane Michael, remain missing

On 10 October, the hurricane «Michael» 4 powerful category landed in Florida. He was so destructive and dangerous that only a few days later the rescue services were able to get to some of the most affected areas.

Officers of emergency with new forces rushed to provide assistance, coordinate resources and clear debris from the disaster zone, continuing the search for survivors.

Some 46 people remain unaccounted for in the city of Mexico beach (FL), which is hurricane speed of 250 km/h is virtually erased from the face of the earth. At the moment in the States of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia officially registered 18 deaths due to «Michael».

In #MexicoBeach, the debris piles are growing higher by the day #HurricaneMichael

— Troy Kinsey (@TroyKinsey) October 14, 2018

Also, work continues on utilities to restore electricity. According to the Department of emergency situations, in Florida, more than 160 thousand customers are still without electricity.

Authorities asked residents of Panama city beach — the first victim from hurricane city to continue to conserve water because the water is still missing.

Today (October 15) President Donald trump and the first lady arrived in the affected areas of Florida.

WATCH: President and First Lady Trump Melania Trump distribute water to those affected by Hurricane Michael in Lynn Haven, Florida.

— NBC Politics (@NBCPolitics) October 15, 2018

And yesterday, the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, along with Director of the Federal emergency management Agency (FEMA) Brock long arrived in Panama city and Mexico beach, to assess the damage. The head of state promised to use every resource that will be able to help those who suffered from «Michael».

«After such a catastrophic storm, hurricane Michael, one of the most important things we can do is to make sure that families can communicate with loved ones, find out about the vital services and keep open lines of communication with officials responsible for emergency response,» said Scott.

The FEMA representative said that special groups have been sent to the hardest hit areas to help residents to register for Federal assistance.