Denver under bomb cyclone. Wind blows trucks with wheels, the airport is closed, power outages

Denver comes to life and otkatyvaetsya after the terrible snowfall that lasted all that night and the previous evening. Two hours ago, the city international airport officially stated that it had cleared one runway, aviation hub DIA began to take some planes.

Current conditions at DEN 👇🥶

— Denver Int’l Airport (@DENAirport) March 13, 2019

Airport representative Emily Williams said CBS Denver that delayed flights until midday Thursday, and «passengers are advised to check the departure time in your airlines.» The morning was arrested 1 300 flights. Many were not even able to get to the airport due to the fact that the roads were covered with snow, the car stood in traffic in the center of the city and in remote areas.

Stuck in the waiting room of passengers the airport authority gave out blankets and food, so they were comfortable.

My sisters a flight attendant in Denver and she’s stuck in the airport because of the blizzard and she sends us this😅

— Joey Long (@JoeyLong12) March 13, 2019

«My sister is a flight attendant and was unable to come today from the airport home,» said on Twitter a resident of Denver Joe long.

Those who ventured to travel in their cars, exposed themselves to serious danger. In addition to the deep snow they waited for gusty strong winds and almost zero visibility. The wind speed, according to weather forecasters, reached 120 km/hour. Eyewitnesses claim that he was pushing a heavy truck like a toy. The decision of the authorities was closed several roads.

SB Pena Blvd — Denver. Geoff’s drive home a bit ago. #COwx #Blizzard

— Norrena Photography (@norrenaphotos) March 13, 2019

On the morning of the fire protection District Wellington was forced to go almost entirely on the Northern route, where 25 km from the city stuck more than a hundred cars. According to their reports, the cause of congestion was the snow and an accident involving 6 cars. Several people had to be hospitalized, but their life is not in danger.

at 9th & Penn in Denver.

Jim Benemann (@jimbcbs4) March 13, 2019

The city’s strong winds felled trees, destroyed some buildings. During the night in Denever were serious shortages of electricity. At present without light there are about 300 thousand people.

The #BombCyclone #blizzard in Denver right now is no joke!

— captain_goodtime (@GoodtimeCaptain) March 13, 2019

All have their advantages. Writes the Denver Post, the city was enjoying an unusually quiet evening and night. The number of incoming calls reporting accidents was almost zero. Corporal walk told the publication that people are at home during the evening there were only a few calls with requests to help the homeless, those in difficult situations.

So far, we have received 110 traffic crash reports and #Denver remains on #AccidentAlert. If you absolutely have to head out, please be cautious — it’s still #snowgoing out there. Turn your lights on, set the wipers on high & don’t forget the extra stopping distance. #BombCyclone

— Denver Police Dept. (@DenverPolice) March 13, 2019

It is expected that bomb cyclone, which some are calling «Snowmageddon–2019» to Friday will remain in the Central regions of the United States. The snow may change to rain, but the wind is still strong.

All your wind belongs to me. #BombCyclone #Denver
(Pic of current wind patterns in the usa courtesy

— Mikey Reynolds (@MikeyTheChosen1) March 13, 2019