April winter: in eight States predict snowfall

Despite the fact that on the calendar – the end of April, winter still laid up trumps in the sleeve.

On the weekends in several Central and Northern States (for lines up to 1200 miles) forecasters predict severe weather, particularly snowfall.

In Chicago (Illinois), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Detroit (Michigan) on roads will be icy.

Under the blow of the next storm covered parts of Montana, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. Here will fall the sleet, which begins late Friday evening, April 26, and may last until Saturday evening.

According to forecasters, the highest amount of snow that will not melt immediately, but will accumulate, it is expected in Minneapolis and Chicago. Residents of these cities, and travelers are warned that there may be delayed flights.

The snow falls also on highway U. S. Route 12 in the above States and on sections of Interstate 90 and interstate 94.

On Saturday afternoon the snowfall will move from Chicago and Minneapolis to Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Detroit (Michigan), and northeast Iowa and Northwest Illinois.

Not the April weather can affect not only Northern and Central States, but to get to the North-East, in particular, North of Pennsylvania, state of new York and North New England.

The same storm system in the southern Mississippi valley and Texas will bring showers and thunderstorms. The storm will rage here until Sunday evening, April 28.