«Ice tsunami»: in the USA ice wave height up to 30 feet covering the residential building (video)

The warmer weather means that the ice on lake Mille Laks (Lake Mille Lacs) in Minnesota begins to melt, and icy waves slowly crash into houses on the shore.

A more accurate term for this phenomenon – «ice push» because the wind pushes the ice to the shore.

«What happens is the ice starts to melt, as we approach the middle of spring, said CNN meteorologist Taylor ward. — When it melts, strong wind pushes the ice, and that starts to accumulate on itself. As soon as the ice accumulates, it becomes higher and more susceptible to the pressure of the wind.»

Local resident Steven Johnson captured the moment when a wave of ice struck the back porch of the house, breaking Windows and forcing the tree to suscribete from the pressure.

According to Johnson, it was the highest wave of ice that he had ever seen, and, in his opinion, her height was about 30 feet.

«If you live here, you just know it can always happen at this time of the year, said Tina Chapman, Executive Director of the tourism Council of the district of Mille-LACs. And when that happens, you just hope the wind blows in the opposite direction from your home.»

Fortunately, according to Chapman, this year the ice is soft, and it deals less damage. In addition, once the wind weakens, the ice tremors have a tendency to slow down.