The USA was covered by powerful tornadoes and snowfalls

The USA was covered by powerful tornadoes and snowfalls

Bad weather has raged in the USA. The powerful storm caused tornadoes in Louisiana and Texas. Wind gusts reach 112 km/h. Meanwhile, California was covered in snow. In the mountains, the snow cover is over 2 meters. Roofs in some houses are collapsing under the weight of unexpected rainfall. Read today in USA.ONE magazine:

The United States was hit by destructive tornadoes and snow storms

So far there have been no casualties.

The spring storm brought tornadoes and snowfalls to the States

Footage of damage from outside of Dallas, TX after a severe #storm hit the area.#Dallas #Texas #Weather #TXwx #Tornado

— Chaudhary Parvez (@ChaudharyParvez) March 3, 2023

On Thursday evening, giant tornadoes swept through Louisiana, Texas and other southern states during a powerful storm. The storms felled trees and destroyed houses. In parts of Texas and Louisiana, hurricane-force winds left 300,000 people without power. Pumping stations for water supply were also switched off.

More than 30 million people in the United States have been warned of a tornado due to the risk of a «regional outbreak of severe weather.» The region could experience several more powerful waves of the storm. The storm may also affect residents of Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Major storm right now in North Texas. 80 mph winds. Tornado sirens going off. I'm hiding in my pantry. 🫣

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North of Dallas, winds toppled trees, overturned four 18-wheelers along Highway 75, and tore the roof off a grocery store. Several people were injured. Their houses were reported to have collapsed. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Meteorologists warn of squall gusts of up to 112 km/h, waterspouts and large hail the size of an apple. Due to the weather conditions, a number of schools in north Texas have suspended classes. About 400 flights have also been canceled in the region. Due to bad weather, air and road communications are seriously complicated. Roads in Greenville, Texas, were blocked by bricks from storm-damaged buildings. In Louisiana, a tornado ripped through State University.

Got my lawn chair out for the storm hitting North Texas rn

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Local authorities recommend that residents stock up on essential goods and not go outside unless necessary. People were warned that if the sirens sounded, the wind speed would be equal to a weak tornado. That is, you need to stay in shelters and not come close to the windows. Forecasters say the storm will continue to move east, creating a threat of severe weather in the Tennessee and Ohio river valleys. In all likelihood, snow will fall in eastern New England and the Great Lakes.

In the meantime, it covers California. The storm caused heavy snowfall across the state. The height of snow covers reaches 2 meters. 52 thousand homes and businesses were left without electricity. Heavy snowfalls trapped people in their homes and made roads impassable. In California, they are not used to such weather conditions, so the buildings are not adapted to such elements. The snow is causing roofs to sag.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in 13 counties, including Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Bernardino. He sent in the National Guard to help residents. However, meteorologists note some advantages in the current situation. For example, unexpected snowfall was able to reduce, and in some areas completely eliminate, drought.

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