Russian «king of spam» was extradited from Spain to USA

Russian «king of spam» was extradited from Spain to USA

Spain gave the United States a citizen of Russia, which is widely known by the nickname «the king of spam».

37-year Peter Levashov from St. Petersburg was arrested in April while on vacation in Barcelona with my family. Spanish police said that he was taken into custody at the request of US in connection with allegations of his involvement in hacking attacks, including those associated with the presidential election in America.

Russian «king of spam» was extradited from Spain to USA

After his arrest in the U.S. Department of justice reported that Levashov is not associated with the hacking. States believes that it has established a network comprising millions of computers around the world. With her help he could to send spam, steal emails, and bitcoins.

In a statement today, the National police of Spain said that the authorities gave Levashov marshals USA 2 Feb. Earlier, the Russian admitted that against being extradited, fearing for his life.

«If I go to USA I will die within a year. They want to get information about the military picture, and the party «United Russia»» – said he. – «I could be tortured, and a year would kill me or I’ll kill myself».

As it turned out, he relates to the «United Russia». During the trial, the spammer said that the last 10 years he allegedly worked for the largest political party of the Russian Federation, also known as the party of power.

He is among the ten most wanted spammers in the world and occupies seventh place. The championship in this list was given to the Ukrainian botnet Canadian Pharmacy.