300 Russians were killed or wounded in Syria, according to Reuters

300 Russians were killed or wounded in Syria, according to Reuters

Last week in Syria, after the U.S. airstrike killed or wounded about 300 people who work in the Russian private military firm connected with the Kremlin. About it to Agency Reuters said three sources familiar with the matter.

Terms of combat losses, mentioned sources, coincided with the battle on 7 February, near the Syrian the city of Deir ez-Zor where, according to U.S. officials, coalition forces attacked a military detachment, which was on the side of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

300 Russians were killed or wounded in Syria, according to Reuters

Yesterday, 15 February, official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova for the first time acknowledged the death of Russian citizens in Syria. The Director of the information Department of the Russian Federation noted that the dead were not more than 5 persons. Zakharova also drew attention to the lack of evidence that it was military.

If the representative of the foreign Ministry is telling the truth, then the question arises: why five sources Reuters familiar with the matter, reported that the wounded, who in recent days had been taken from Syria, was sent four Russian military hospital.

A military doctor of the Moscow hospital who were directly involved in the treatment of the wounded evacuated from Syria, reported that, as of Saturday evening (February 10), they were more than 50 such patients: about 30% – with heavy herbs.

According to Reuters, Evgeny Shabaev the leader of the local Cossack paramilitary organization with ties to the Russian military mercenaries, reported that they had visited friends, wounded in Syria, Central hospital of the Ministry of defence in Khimki on the outskirts of Moscow. Shabaev, conveying the words of the wounded, said that in the battle of Deir-ez-Zor was 550 Russians. He also found that of them unharmed left 200 people.

300 dead or wounded citizens of Russia is the maximum amount which hitherto was called in the media. Here are a few versions of how many could be killed by the Russians after the air strike in Syria.