Plane crash in Algeria: on Board the plane were 200 people

Today, April 11, in the morning near the capital of Algeria in the military airport of Boufarik the crash occurred.

On Board the plane that crashed almost immediately after takeoff, there were about 200 or more passengers. Sources say that most of them were soldiers.

According to local television, on the scene is 14 ambulances and there are wounded who were sent to the hospital. At the moment about the victims is unknown, but, according to unconfirmed reports, killed at least 105 people. The footage on the Internet you can see the black smoke that rise from the crash site.

According to the newspaper the Mirror, the fallen plane is a ship of Russian origin, created at the Aviation complex named after S. V. Ilyushin.

Boufarik air base located in the Northern part of Algeria, near the Mediterranean sea, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the capital.

Four years ago in Algeria, the plane crashed, transporting military personnel and their family members. Then, as a result of the incident killed 77 people.

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