In Donetsk, the explosion killed the head of the self-proclaimed «DNR» Alexander Zakharchenko

In the center under the control of Pro-Russian forces in Donetsk today, 31 August, an explosion.

As a result of explosion in cafe «Separable» killed the head of the self-proclaimed «Donetsk national Republic» Alexander Zakharchenko.

According to telegtam channel MASH, head of the «DNR» was severely wounded in the explosion. The wounds were fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

«Interfax» reports that the explosion wounded also, «the Minister of taxes and revenues of the DNI» Alexander Timofeev.

The leader of «DNR» Zakharchenko eliminated as a result of the explosion in Donetsk

— Censor.NOT (@censor_net) August 31, 2018

According to the Agency, on suspicion of assassination attempt on Zakharchenko already detained several people.

Maria Zakharova announced the official version of Russia, accusing Kiev of masterminding the murder.

#Zakharova of the murder of Alexander Zakharchenko: «There is every reason to believe that his murder is the Kiev regime, which has repeatedly used similar methods to eliminate dissidents and undesirables»

— Russian foreign Ministry 🇷🇺 (@MID_RF) August 31, 2018

Ukrainian authorities deny any involvement in the events. Chief of staff to the head of SBU Igor Guskov told the publication that «the death of Zakharchenko can be the result of internal criminal conflicts among the militants, primarily associated with the redistribution of pressed business during 2014-2018.»

The leader of fraction of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky accused in the death of Zakharchenko USA. Odious politician said that his murder was beneficial for America in light of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

After the incident in Donetsk was closed for entry and exit, the city declared a state of emergency.