A Russian fighter jet made ‘dangerous’ intercept of U.S. aircraft over the Black sea

Today (November 5), Russian fighter su-27 «unsafe and unprofessional manner,» intercepted the American aircraft EP-3 in international airspace over the Black sea, reported the press service of the US Navy.

«Although the Russian military has the right to train in international airspace, this interaction was irresponsible, the statement of the US Navy. — We hope that [henceforth] they will behave in accordance with international standards to ensure safety and prevent incidents, including the 1972 Agreement on the prevention of incidents at sea and airspace above it (INCSEA). Unsafe acts increase the risk of miscalculation and potential collisions in the air.»

According to three American military officials, during the 25-minute incident, fighter Russia at high speed twice flew directly in front of the American plane. The U.S. Navy claims that such actions endangered the crew of the EP-3, which reported turbulence and vibration.

Press Secretary of the Pentagon, Eric Pachon, said that «there is absolutely no justification for such conduct» on the part of another state, because «the plane, the United States acted in accordance with international law and «not provoked» side to such actions.

In turn, Russia has denied the statement of the us authorities that the maneuver was carried out «unsafe». The Russian defense Ministry said that they actually recorded the electronic reconnaissance aircraft, the United States and raised the su-27, but the fighter kept at a sufficient distance and was followed to the border of Russian airspace was not violated.

Last message about unsafe interception of reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. Navy by a Russian fighter occurred in January, when the su-27 flew within five feet of the EP-3 Aries forced American spy plane to finish the mission.