Russian Boeing taking off from Caracas with an unknown cargo, landed at the airport of Moscow

Mysterious Russian plane Boeing 777, which from January 28 to watch all the world’s media, flew from Caracas, Venezuela and landed at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport. What was on Board of the vessel — is not known.

Yesterday, 30 January, John Bolton, Advisor of the President of trump on national security, warned the American traders do not trade gold or Venezuelan oil after the imposition of tough sanctions designed to force of socialist President Nicolas Maduro to resign.

In this regard, the arrival in Caracas of the Boeing 777 from Moscow prompted many to assume that the Maduro government is preparing to export some of its gold reserves from the country. (Last year, Venezuela sent $900 million from the Treasury in Turkey).

Yesterday at 5 PM, the flight operated by the Russian airline Nordwind Airlines, took off from Caracas and landed today, January 31, about half past four in the morning Moscow time. The airline Nordwind did not provide any details about the cargo or passengers.

Meanwhile, according to the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights, at least 40 Venezuelans have died as a result of the protests over the power struggle between acting President Nicolas Maduro and the democratic leader Juan Guido that supports Donald trump.

Brutal regime forces crushing people’s protest this weekend. This is not #Venezuela It’s #France

— Carl Zha (@CarlZha) January 27, 2019

Supporters of Guido, including the American leader, called the policy «interim President» of Venezuela.

Caracas right now. Masses gathering to protest #Venezuela

— Annika H Rothstein (@truthandfiction) January 30, 2019