An Amateur photographer filmed the «dance» three bears in the woods

A teacher from Finland made a stunning and unique wildlife the. He managed to capture of three bear cubs standing on hind legs in a circle: it looks like a bizarre dance.

Physical education teacher in the Finnish city of Locamo, Valtteri Melkoinen, has a fascinating hobby, and in his spare time engaged in photography. Over the years he managed to capture some stunning scenes from the wild, but once he introduced the world to something special.

The unique «dancing» bears Valtteri made in the summer of 2013, during a walk in the Finnish taiga near the city Martinselkonen. The photographer says that suddenly came upon a clearing where he saw the bear, which was later joined by the cubs. He built the asylum at a distance of 50 meters from the bears, and soon he was able to do some magic shots.

«I was photographing calves with a bear all evening and all night. The cubs behaved like little children.» says Valtteri.»They played and even started some friendly fights. I felt on the Playground in front of my house, where the sport of little children.»

The photographer says he saw in a moment the bears stood up on his hind legs and began to push each other, as if dancing in a circle — and there is a stunning picture.

Recently, another equally impressive picture, taken by photographer Sam Rowley, won the photo contest of the London natural history Museum, more than 40 thousand people in the race for the award for People’s Choice. The photographer won the award for an amazing photo fighting mice in the London underground.