Research shows that chili peppers prolong life

Research shows that chili peppers prolong life

A new study from the United States found that those of us who eat chili are about a quarter less likely to die from cancer and heart disease.

Researchers have found that the capsaicin found in hot chili peppers is an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Scientists believe that capsaicin has antioxidant properties, may help prevent inflammation, as well as prevent high blood glucose levels, Science Daily reported.

Bo Xu, study chief and cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, said: «Regular consumption of chili peppers has been associated with an overall reduction in the risk of all cardiovascular disease and cancer deaths.»

To conduct this study, scientists collated data from four other medical studies conducted in Iran, China, Italy and the United States.

However, scientists are trying not to get ahead of ourselves and recognize that more needs to be learned before they can finally judge the unambiguous benefits of chili.

More research will be required to confirm preliminary results.