Why are people in the US so polarized in their political views?

Why are people in the US so polarized in their political views?

The struggle between Democrats and Republicans. The first are trying to do everything to prevent Trump from winning the presidential election. For example, a $360 million fine for accusations of inflated real estate values ​​was imposed by them. In turn, Republicans are doing their best to reduce Biden's ratings. Including through the preparation of impeachment in the case of corruption.

At the same time, such an intense struggle did not exist 30-40 years ago and the situation was different: there was not much difference between Democrats and Republicans. Both parties could vote for the same candidate for President of the United States. For example, this happened with Reagan, a Republican president who was supported by 49 out of 50 states. Today it is difficult to imagine that New York or California would vote for Trump, and Kentucky would support Biden.

Why? Firstly, due to the strong monopolization of the media. Today there are six corporations that control the major American media. Of these, only FOX has Republican views, the other five have more Democratic views. This balance of power is the cause of noticeable polarization. Previously, there were about 50 different medium-sized media outlets, so the range of opinions was much wider. And today people are fighting for their candidate against the opposition.

Why are people in the US so polarized in their political views?Why are people in the US so polarized in their political views?photo: abc-cdn.net

Social networks, where each user is an independent media outlet, could influence the situation and even out the balance of freedom of opinion. But large IT corporations support only one of the candidates — from the Democratic Party. This is clearly seen in the donations of META employees for 2020, where Democrats received 3,958, and Republicans only 464. It would seem, let them donate to whomever they want, what's wrong with that? But it's not that simple.

People in such corporations not only donate to Democrats and vote for them, but also actively express their political preferences at work. Elon Musk once published a post in which he said that in 63% of cases, Google promotes content in favor of leftist ideology (news with corresponding headlines), and only in 6% in favor of the right. By the way, for this reason, people who sympathize with the right ideology are more often subject to blocking and censorship than those who sympathize with the left.

What kind of objectivity can we talk about if a service, whose users are billions of people, pushes the agenda it needs? And after such calculations, it is not surprising that US residents do not trust large corporations.

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