The number of new jobs in the U.S. continues to grow

The number of new jobs in the U.S. continues to grow

In November, the labor market in the United States, in anticipation of the adoption of the new tax plan, only strengthened. Us employers created 228 000 new jobs (including 32 000 jobs in production 24 000 – in construction). The unemployment rate was just 4.1 percent, the lowest level since December 2000. Then unemployment fell to 3.9%.

In October, the number of new jobs amounted to 244 000. This is not surprising, and a sharp rise in the labour market due to previous hurricanes Irma and Harvey. According to the results of September performance was very poor – only 38 000 jobs. And again the reason is the hurricanes.

The number of new jobs in the U.S. continues to grow

In total for the first 11 months of 2017 in the United States was created about 1.9 million jobs.

Analysts are pinning high hopes on the performance Dec. After all, if the number of created vacancies will not be added at least 300,000 new jobs, President trump will be at a disadvantage, since the performance will be significantly behind those that were under President Obama – 2.24 million jobs in 2016.

Despite the fairly good growth rates of the labor market, wages are growing slowly. This year, an increase of only 2.5 percent. Experts say is a temporary phenomenon, because the market is forced to readjust to the new legislation and new requirements. Next year the growth in wages, according to analysts, should be at least 3% per year.

Positive growth trends are observed in the U.S. economy. For the 3rd quarter of this year it grew by 3.3 percent, which is the highest figure for the last 3 years.

Economists are optimistic and say that in the near future the situation should only improve.