Professional Santa earns up to $800 per hour

Professional Santa earns up to $800 per hour

If in old age you would not want to live on a pension, should think about learning a new profession — the profession of Santa Claus.

Having a friendly facial expression, artistry, and some skills can not only bring joy to children and adults, but also provide very good additional income. On Christmas eve Santa professional receives up to $800 per hour, while the average salary in USA is $26.55 per hour.

Nobody says it’s easy. To such earnings is not enough to grow a white beard — it will require hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and even knowledge of the basics of marketing.

How to become a successful Christmas Santa tell professionals.

One of them is a former firefighter Randy cook of Enumclaw, Washington.

Professional Santa earns up to $800 per hoursource: facebook

62-year-old Randy is one of the most famous Santa Claus in district of Seattle. Instead of low-paying holiday job in the supermarket he actively advertises its services on the Internet.

Advanced Santa has a website, working with social networking audience and experimenting with different marketing methods. His efforts bring results — despite the high fares (from $150 per hour on weekdays and $280 per hour on holidays), Randy cook extremely popular, not only in the winter. Sometimes he even has to refuse orders due to employment.

Professional Santa earns up to $800 per

In addition to performances at parties, corporate parties and other Christmas events Randy is filming a commercial, the brand represents Janus Motorcycles and clothing brand Filson. With all this he finds forces and time to the promotion of charity events.

Professional Santa earns up to $800 per hoursource: facebook

63-year-old ed Taylor from TORRANCE, CA — at least a successful Santa.

Its services cost from $350 to $ 800 per hour. The secret of EDA — love for his work and, again, experience in the trade and advertising.

Unlike his colleagues, he started his career a fairy-tale character with photobooths supermarket. Prior to that, former marketing and sales Manager sometimes played the role of Santa on a voluntary basis, and he really enjoyed it. When the opportunity to devote himself entirely to a new profession, he did not hesitate did.

Ed, a famous Santa in California and beyond. At the time he starred in the Christmas movie «Elf» as a backup, but now he is often invited on TV.

Professional Santa earns up to $800 per

Ed is so honed his skills that he can teach others. In addition to the main activities he teaches at the school of Santa Claus (Yes, there are). The visitors of his training learning how to work with children and adults, learn about the nuances of the performances on the standard Christmas parties, TV and public events, as well as learn the basics of promoting your business.

The presence of educational institutions for those wishing to become Santa — another proof that it is a full profession.

In Michigan the School is located the name of Charles W. Howard, which has international status and is the first of its kind. Just imagine, in a place called «the Harvard of Santa» greybeards attracts students from around the world.

Master craft Santa can also in Colorado and London, UK. In 2018, the opening of specialized schools are also planned in Seattle, Dallas, Anaheim and Tampa.

The minimum cost of each course — from $247 to $520.