MTA sells used trash for $300

MTA sells used trash for $300

Everyone who has lost their legs in search of original Christmas gifts, come to the aid of the ITA. Wanting to join the festive mood spread throughout the city, the transport company decided to have some semblance of garage sales, predraga residents of the Big Apple trash, which they proudly call «memorable and collectible things.»

The highlight of the program and the most expensive lots in this attraction of unprecedented generosity are the wooden bench of the subway, double bus seat and used a trash can.

With a full list of suggested gifts from the MTA can be found on the official website of the transport Agency, and we will only present the most interesting suggestions that certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.

MTA sells used trash for $300

So, this Christmas, the MTA offers to give your family and friends:

Wooden bench ($650)

Who needs a soft and comfortable sofa, when you can always get on the classic, one might even say vintage, the bench of the subway. At least it will not start bugs. Or turn?

Double seat of the bus ($500)

Hardly approaching the bus stop someone thinks about waiting his heavenly comfort, that gives the soft plush chairs in the bus. And a price tag of $500 makes this proposal even less comfortable.

Handrails Grabholds & Stanchion ($25)

When you order such a gift can only hope that the MTA carefully handled and properly sanitized handrails before delivery.

Used dumpster ($300)

«Authentic», «unique» and incredibly «useful» gift, which find a place in every home or office. Describes sophisticated trash AIT. Given that sometimes people in the subway do with the ballot boxes, this gift will definitely leave a lasting impression, and all sorts of stains on the walls also help to play a guessing game.