Amazon will cut hundreds of employees

Amazon will cut hundreds of employees

Working in a successful and dynamically developing company — not a reason for absolute confidence in the future. This was soon convinced staff Amazon that will affect major downsizing.

Fall under attack are employees of the headquarters of the online retailer in Seattle and sales staff for work with retail clients around the world — reported by the Seattle Times, citing two people familiar with the source.

Amazon will cut hundreds of employees

Accurate data on the number of workers to be fired employees are not, however, know that there will be a few hundred. Amazon reduction of this magnitude is a rarity, although it is a trifle for the second largest corporate employer in the U.S. and tenth in the world.

According to Buisinessinsider in December 2017 number of staff of the company amounted to more than 566 thousand employees. Of these, 40 thousand only works in seattleboy headquarters, which for the most part and focus future reduction.

In parallel with large-scale layoffs Amazon will launch even larger outreach. The planned opening of the second headquarters will create about 50 thousand high-paying jobs.

We will remind that earlier Jeff Bezos teamed up with the founders of JPMorgan and Berkshire Hathaway for the sake of creating a new project in the health sector, designed to make medicine a «transparent and free from commercial incentives and restrictions.» According to the announcement, the startup will focus primarily on a company’s employees.