Visitors to the Chili’s restaurants could become victims of cyberhawks: how to avoid the consequences

If you attended proprietary institutions Chili’s in March and April, your billing information could fall into the wrong hands.

During this period, installed in the equipment BY the malware was collected on the numbers of credit and debit cards which is paid orders, and names of their owners, the company said. The problem was identified on 11 may, its full scale is set.

The data breach affected all the institutions of the restaurant chain. In addition, social security numbers, full dates of birth, ID card and other personal customer information remained safe because it is not collected, clarified at Chili’s.

If you happen to be at risk:

  • Do not rush to close the account or order a new card, but in the near future control the movement of funds and monitor account statements. Finding transactions you did not make, immediately contact the issuing Bank.
  • Report the probability of committing fraudulent transactions on your behalf, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. So the Agency’s loans will be able to stop the damage.
  • Temporarily freeze your credit account, so scammers are unable to take a loan on your behalf. Without affecting the credit history, the security freeze tool allows you to restrict access to your credit reports, the attackers will not be able to open new accounts in your name.