ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack in Paris: 1 person killed, 4 injured

Saturday’s attack in the French capital recognized as a terrorist attack, responsibility for it was assumed by the terrorist organization «ISIS». As investigation found out, attacked people with a knife near the metro station Quatre Septembre was 20-the summer native of Chechnya. Police fatally shot the perpetrator at the scene of the attack, and today, may 13, was taken into custody by his parents.

Jihadist news Agency Amaq recognized the perpetrators of the attack, «a soldier of the «Islamic state». In France he lived legally, had no criminal history, but was in the list of suspects in terrorist activities due to his connections with the man in Syria.

The hands of the attacker injured 5 people: 29-year-old man died from his injuries, two received minor injuries and the 34-year-old man and 54-year-old woman was hospitalized in serious condition.

France once again paid a bloody price, but will not give any chance to the enemies of freedom, commented on the incident, the President of Emmanuel macron.

We will remind, for the last 3 years of Islamist attacks in France claimed the lives of 245 people. The most ambitious in recent years has been a series of terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015, during which killed 130 people and pedestrians in nice July 14, 2016 (80 dead).

In the country launched an anti-terrorist operation: military patrol transport hubs, landmarks and other potentially dangerous objects.