The European Parliament urged Amazon not to sell the goods with symbolics of the USSR

27 members of the European Parliament has written to the Minister an open letter to Amazon urging them to remove from sale at the largest online store USA goods with the symbols of the Soviet Union. EU parliamentarians believe that things Nazi and Soviet symbols offend the memory of millions of victims of totalitarian regimes of the XX century.

The statement was signed by the deputies of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Netherlands, great Britain, Spain and Portugal.

«Soviet and Nazi totalitarian regimes systematically violated human rights, restricted freedom and democracy, the letter said Jeff Bezos, referred to by the Guardian. — The bloody action, the terror and inhumanity of the Soviet regime affected almost every family in the previously occupied countries.»

Also, the MEPs recalled that the Soviet regime in many countries affected more than 60 million people and at least 10 million people were deported to the camps.

MEPs insist that t-shirts with sickles and hammers, inscriptions «USSR», five-pointed stars and flags cups and other Souvenirs that you can buy now on Amazon, associated with the Soviet regime and may promote the values of already not existing state.

The Following #s Lithuania’initiative 27 members of @Europarl_EN ‘request the discontinuation of sales of goods with the hammer and sickle symbol, representing the Soviet Union, on the @amazon Inc platform’.

Full letter here:

— LT MFA StratCom (@LT_MFA_Stratcom) November 16, 2018

Activists of anti-Communist movements, as well as deputies and some governments in the former Soviet Union is not the first time demands to stop manufacturing clothes and Souvenirs with Soviet symbols. So, in may of this year, Adidas had to close a line of clothing with symbols of the Soviet Union and stop its sale in stores in the US and Europe. A fall under pressure from the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Lithuania and other countries Souvenirs and clothes with Soviet symbols disappeared from sale in the largest retailers USA Walmart.

We will remind, the Communist regime at the state level condemned in the Baltic States, Ukraine and Hungary. In addition, in Lithuania, Latvia and Hungary prohibits any demonstration of Soviet symbols. Dekommunizatsionnye processes in the end of XX — beginning of XXI century took place also in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, countries of former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania and other Warsaw Pact countries.