The company sold cheap shoes as «designer» for $500 per couple

Who would be willing to pay over $500 for shoes that cost no more than $20?

Fashionistas are hooked on brands, advertising and social networks. Tell how it was in Los Angeles (CA).

Company Payless, sells inexpensive shoes, opened in one of the largest shopping centers in the City of angels this store Palessi. At the Grand opening of «boutique brand» has invited well-known bloggers, designers and other «fashion experts». In fact, the store sold ordinary shoes Payless, which can be bought for a few tens of dollars.

For greater credibility, the company has also established a website and an account on Instagram.

«Yes, they are well worth the $400-500,» said one of the women, holding a pair of sneakers, red price which is $19,99. Another customer called the shoes «incredibly elegant».

As told in Payless, one buyer laid out for a pair of shoes $640 — 1800% more than they actually are.

After the company announced that it was a hoax, the buyers returned the money and let them keep bought the shoes herself.

«It was no prank, but rather a social experiment, designed to remind buyers that the budget shoes can also be fashionable,» — said the representative of Payless Sarah Coach.

In 2008, a study was conducted that showed how the price affects the subjective perception of quality by the buyer. The participants of the experiment were given to taste 2 brand of inexpensive wines, noting that the second is much more expensive — and that of his respondents was later described as «insanely delicious».