Chain of toy stores Toys «R» Us in the U.S. is about to «rise from the dead»

It is possible that the American children had to endure only one Christmas without toys from Toys «R» Us.

Approximately a year after the termination of operations in the US chain of toy stores intends to return to the market in the festive season in 2019, opening about half a dozen shops in America and also the online store.

Richard Barry, former CEO of Toys «R» Us, which currently is CEO of the new company Tru Kids Inc., shared his vision of the «reincarnation» of the network last week.

He did not mention the names of his sources, but noted that the stores will have an area of about 10,000 square feet, which is approximately a third the size of outlets of the brand, which were closed last year. New points will also be equipped with playgrounds for children.

Press Secretary Tru Kids said that the company is not yet ready to disclose other details of its strategy in the United States.

Annual sales of network-Toys «R» Us in the United States was informed about $7 billion, the country has opened more than 700 outlets, including the brand Babies «R» Us.

After the departure of the company from the market «the void» immediately began to fill Walmart Inc., Target Corp. and Inc. Now both companies have a wider range of toys.

It is unclear how many of the toy manufacturers will be doing business with the updated network Toys «R» Us after many lost money when the Toys «R» Us announced the elimination in March 2018, just a few months after the filing of the bankruptcy petition.

But MGA Entertainment Inc., one of the most successful toy manufacturers in the world, ready to sell their goods in the new stores, Toys «R» Us. This was announced by CEO of MGA Entertainment Inc. The Isaac Larian. His company produces such famous brands as Little Tikes, L. O. L. Surprise! and Bratz dolls.

«This market needs to toy stores. We will be selling our merchandise there,» said Larian.