Ford forced to recall 1.5 million cars due to dangerous faults in the transmission

February 14, 2019

One of the giants of the American automotive industry reported problems with the popular pickup F-150. Ford forced to recall of 1.48 million vehicles because of a defect in the transmission in which the machine may at any time switch to first gear. Already know about 5 accidents occurred due to this malfunction. The revocation will apply to cars that were produced in the period from 2010 to 2013. Defective…


Service citizenship and immigration USA permanently closes an office in Moscow

Service citizenship and US immigration services(USCIS) closes its office in Moscow. It is stated on the USCIS website. «In connection with a significant reduction in the volume of work USCIS will permanently close its office in Moscow, Russia. Last day for receipt of applications — February 28, 2019», — stated in the message Service of citizenship and immigration of the United States. The Ministry added that the U.S. Embassy in…

February 7, 2019

Network women’s clothing store Charlotte Russe declared bankruptcy

A company selling fashion clothes Charlotte Russe filed for protection from bankruptcy and plans to close about 94 out of 500 of its stores. Trading network headquartered in San Diego for some time now teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, when it announced the deal for the revision of certain debts over a year ago. Charlotte Russe plans to close 94 stores as it files for bankruptcy — here’s the…

February 5, 2019

Cost of stamps in USA increased by 10%

Send mail in USA has become much more expensive. The price of postage stamps made the biggest leap over the past decade: from 50 to 55 cents. The representative of the United States post office stated that this is due to rising costs in mailing, security and wages. Although the profit from parcel delivery and raised, but not enough to offset the huge decline (by 37% from 2007) income first…

January 28, 2019

Sorry, Sweethearts: favorite candy for Valentine’s day this year will not be

For the first time since 1902 on the eve of Valentine’s Day on the shelves will not appear the legendary candy Be Mine, Cutie Pie and Sweetheart. Candy hearts with cute messages, which melted the hearts of all Americans, confectionery company Necco produces more than 100 years. Annually produces about 8 billion Sweethearts packages, and all the games were sold 6 weeks prior to Valentine’s Day, according to the CandyStore….

January 25, 2019

Employers don’t want them forbidden to disturb employees after hours

Proposed city Council bill that would give new Yorkers the right not to respond to emails and phone calls superiors out of hours, received a hostile reception by the local employers. A similar law is already working in Germany and France, but it is fundamentally contrary to the working culture of new York, argue opponents of the bill. Thanks to modern technology, employers have the opportunity (and temptation) to contact…

January 18, 2019

The Gymboree company again declared bankruptcy. It will close 900 of its stores in the U.S. and Canada

The network of children’s clothing stores Gymboree went bankrupt and next week will apply for debt restructuring. Gymboree Group, which includes stores Crazy 8 and Janie&Jack, close all 900 branches in the U.S. and Canada. About 11 thousand people will lose their jobs. The network has lost hundreds of millions of dollars over the past few years and not reported annual profit since 2011. #Gymboree to file for #bankruptcy protection…

January 16, 2019

The new York immigration coalition will spend $1 million on a campaign for the issuance of driver’s licenses to illegal migrants

Leading the initiative group, advocating for the rights of illegal immigrants, announced his intention to begin an active campaign to promote the idea of the possibility of obtaining a driver license undocumented immigrants. In this campaign, the new York immigration coalition (NYIC), which is the largest in the state law group immigration, plans to spend at least $1 million on TV, radio, and also on targeted ads in a social…

January 15, 2019

SpaceX has reported large-scale layoffs: fired 10% of employees

On Friday, January 11, the President and COO of SpaceX , Gwynne Shotwell told staff that the company is «compelled to part with some talented and hard-working members of the… team.» Under reduction will get about 10% of employees. At this time, the state of the manufacturer of missiles, including more than 6 thousand people. In his letter Shotwell called the move «difficult but necessary» on the way «strategic realignment»,…

January 13, 2019

The company Jeff Bezos has reached a cost of 797 billion and became the most valuable company in the world

January 8, 2019

The tech giant of Jeff Bezos has officially taken first place in the list of the most expensive companies. Now the total cost of the online retailer Amazon is $797 billion. The experts of Economics said that on Monday the company’s shares rose by 3%, reaching a price of $1629,51. This means that Amazon has bypassed the brainchild of the famous bill gates, Microsoft, whose share price rose 1%, setting…