The crash of a US military plane: 8 rescued, 3 missing

The crash of a US military plane: 8 rescued, 3 missing

The aircraft of naval forces of the United States with 11 passengers and crew members on Board crashed in the waters of the Pacific ocean, near Japan, to the South-East of Okinawa.

According to the Ministry of defense of Japan, the crash occurred today, November 22. According to the office, about eleven people were in the military transport aircraft C-2: 8 of them were rescued. The other victims are looking for a joint force of American and Japanese rescuers.

Before the crash the plane was heading to the American aircraft carrier «Ronald Reagan», which is located in the Philippine sea. According to preliminary data, the cause of the accident could be the failure of the engine.

This is not the first time in the last six months, when the waters of the Pacific ocean incidents related to the U.S. Navy. In early summer, the American destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with the Philippine container ship ACX Crystal off the coast of Japan, subsequently, three were wounded and seven missing.

After 3 months, there was another serious accident, but near Singapore: the destroyer «John McCain» collided with the oil tanker. In the incident, ten sailors were missing and five were injured.

As it became known, Ronald Reagan is one of the three American carriers operating in the region along with Japanese and South Korean warships in the escalation of relations between the U.S. and North Korea.