The woman who helped catch a suspect in the serial killings, can not pay $110 000

The woman who helped catch a suspect in the serial killings, can not pay $110 000

110 thousand dollars – such compensation was promised to the person who helps catch a serial killer, to keep at Bay the Tampa for 51 days.

And now the day has come – Tuesday, November 28, Tampa residents were able to breathe a sigh of relief. The Manager of McDonald’s, Dalonda Walker, told police in the restaurant that her colleague Howell Donaldson left a bag with a gun inside. This information was enough to arrest a man suspected in a series of murders.

The woman who helped catch a suspect in the serial killings, can not pay $110 000

After police announced the arrest of the likely culprit, many are immediately interested in the question – what will happen with the promised reward. As it turned out, there are nuances here.

Under the program, Crime Stoppers, people can receive their compensation only after the misleading information about the offender, by calling on their hotline. Since this did not happen, Crime Stoppers cannot pay the whole amount at once.

At the moment only a businessman, Richard Gonzmart, handed over the promised 9 thousand dollars. In Crime Stoppers also promised to pay 5 thousand dollars. The status of the remaining 96 thousand dollars, nothing is known.

Recall that the detainee – Howell Emmanuel Donaldson is charged with four murders in the first degree.

What about the killer you say friends?

One of the classmates of the killer, Tyler Gimbert, recalls that Donaldson’s parents always instilled in his son good manners. However, he was not with them in close relationship, and often under the care of an older sister.

The face of the accused #Seminole Heights serial killer. Howell Donaldson III

— Jamison Uhler (@JamisonWFTS) November 29, 2017

«He was a quiet, self-confident, calm, – remember his friends. In his hands was always basketball. After graduating from high school Alonso, he enrolled at the University of St. John in new York».

With a degree in sports management, he returned to Tampa and got a job at McDonald’s. According to colleagues, in the team he was a hermit.

«He was not a friendly person. We were all like family, and he was kept out of the way», — said the employee of a fast food restaurant Gail Rogers.

And Ryan Keyworth, a friend from primary school, argues that Donaldson has returned from new York the other. He became more aggressive and does not like myself in childhood.

No one still knows why Donaldson left the gun on the Manager of McDonald’s. According to investigators, the suspect confirmed that the weapons belonged to him, but never confessed to the murders.

EXCLUSIVE look at Howell Donaldson as @TampaPD detectives place him in police unit. Arrested on 4 counts of 1st Degree Murder. #SeminoleHeightsKiller @abcactionnews

— Ryan Smith (@RyanReports) November 29, 2017