In new Jersey Teens rescued three drowning

In new Jersey Teens rescued three drowning

Two teenagers rescued three men from drowning in Jersey Shore.

On Saturday morning, 15-year-old Thomas Picurro and 14-year-old Nicolas Devaux decided to go surfing in Seaside Heightswhen they heard people screaming from the water.

As it turned out, the three men could not get out of rip currents. Reverse current (or rip current) is one of the types of coastal currents, which are directed at a right angle from the shore to the sea. Such a is considered the most dangerous, because once in it, he was afraid beginners mistakenly start to pull struggling against the tide, while being in the same place and quickly expending all their strength.

By the way, according to NBC, residents of new Jersey at the weekend warned about the dangerous currents in the Bay.
Lifeguards on the beach were not available, so the Teens jumped into the water, and they managed to pull out a drowning on the beach.

The mother of one of the boys was not even surprised to the heroism of their son. «He wants to be a rescuer,» she said. The injured men were taken by ambulance.