The burglars stole the old lady’s $100 thousand, won it in a casino

The burglars stole the old lady’s $100 thousand, won it in a casino

On Saturday morning, two robbers broke into the apartment of an elderly resident of Brooklyn and stole a briefcase, which contained $100,000, which the woman won in a casino in Atlantic city.

The thieves knocked on the door to the 76-year-old victim Yvonne Reader at around 9:50 am. The old woman opened the door, thinking that she was concerned about harmless Jehovah’s Witnesses. Then robbers burst into the apartment and forced the woman to give them money.

The robbers were not too wordy during the theft. The victim said that one of them silently pressed her to the wall, while the second went to her bedroom for profit. The old lady was sure that the men are armed, so she did not resist. One of the robbers said he is not going to cause the woman pain. Fortunately, all has managed one theft.

The attackers do not cause a woman harm, disappeared with the money as soon as they found them.

Yvonne Reader announced that she had won the stolen amount at the slot machines during my last two trips to Atlantic city five years ago. Previously, she was a regular at the casino, however, the old woman stopped playing after her husband died.

The woman said that the robbers were about 25 years old and their faces concealed dark bandanas.