A kidnapping victim was killed during the operation to free

A kidnapping victim was killed during the operation to free

According to representatives of the authorities of Houston, a man, victim of a kidnapping, was killed on Wednesday during the operation on his release.

A resident of Houston, whose name was not disclosed, along with 12-year-old son was at home at the time, when there broke two armed men in masks. The criminals tied up the father and of the son and demanded money and valuables. In order to find savings the owner of the house, the attackers searched each room, but nothing was found, kidnapped the father of the family and fled in an unknown direction.

A kidnapping victim was killed during the operation to free

The boy managed to untie the rope and went to the neighbor who called the police. By the time officers arrive, has returned home to his wife kidnapped, his brother came. At some point, the brother of the abducted men called. The call was from an unknown number. A male voice demanded from the family a ransom of $ 20,000 for the return of a relative.

After a phone call police have appealed for help to the FBI. The joint efforts of the two agencies were able to trace the call and set the location of criminals. They were detained in one of the hotel rooms in another area of the city. They turned out to be 42-year-old Nicholas chase Cunningham, 38-year-old Jimmy Tony Sanchez and 35-year-old Sofia Perez Hit. The investigators also managed to learn that the kidnapped man was acquainted with the wife of one of the suspects in what respects they were – is not known.

At the time of arrest of kidnappers abducted was in another place – in the house in the 7300 block at Elbert Street. It was decided to start operation to free the victim. What exactly happened in the house, when there broke the representatives of special forces of the FBI, is not known. However, the kidnapped man, who was in it, was shot. Who exactly fired the fatal shot – the FBI did not report, citing the ongoing internal investigation of the incident. It is not excluded that struck the victim, the bullet flew from the gun of the FBI.


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