50 British tourists were poisoned in new York

Sunday, April 1, more than fifty of the British were hospitalized from the hotel Harrington (Washington, district Colombia) with suspected food poisoning.

First on gastro-intestinal disorder complained one of the Teens. Soon, similar complaints were voiced by other tourists, some began vomiting. In the end, the whole group of 48 children and 3 adults were hospitalized.

The doctors have not given official conclusions about the cause of the mass illness. According to one version, the British could be poisoned while in new York, where they visited the day before.

Monday, April 2, baboutmost of the group went back to the hotel. The rest are on the mend and may soon be able to continue the journey.

The staff of the health Department of the district of Columbia learn all the nuances of the incident. To connect to the investigation of the incident promised their colleagues from new York.