In new York nanny confessed to the brutal murder of a 1.5-year-old child, his family promised to get revenge

The case of the terrible murder of 1.5-year-old Anthony Delgado in February of 2016 in Staten island, comes to an end. The investigation revealed shocking facts.

The last 2 days of life of the child, the child was regularly beaten him and thrown on the floor from a great height. Moreover, sexually perverted over the child, using a pencil. An autopsy found the child damage to internal organsresulting from sexual violence.

Initially, the killer denied his guilt, insisting that the boy received injuries as a result of the accident. However the collected evidence has not only proven her involvement in the death of a child, but also revealed to systematically torture on him. After this 32-year-old Gloria fields admitted his guilt.

Prosecutors said that the body of Anthony was not a living space. He was covered in bruises and lacerations, and the bodies were in a terrible state. With the tormented body of the victim the murderer out on the street. Street camera recorded as fields in one hand carries the lifeless body and the other holding a cigarette. Then I can see how she throws the lifeless baby on the ground.

Horrifying details have shocked the parents and relatives of the boy. When the defendant was led from the courthouse, angry relatives of Anthony tried to break through a police cordon and promised to get even with the fields, saying that she has to pay life for the crime.