The teenager called 911, gasping for breath in his car, but it was never saved

«If I die, tell my mom I love her. I guess I have a little time,» gave the 911 operator the teenager from Cincinnati, Ohio, panting, gasping and pleading for help in their own van parked near the local school. On Tuesday at about 15:00 16-year-old Kayla Jacob Plasa pressed a convertible car seat Honda Odyssey. In 6 hours, rescuers have not managed to find a tenth…

Trapped between two seats and not being able to do anything with his hands, the boy called emergency services using voice commands on your iPhone.

After an unsuccessful attempt to find the car, rescuers at first thought the call was a hoax. However Splash again called 911.

«This is not a joke. I’m stuck in a gold Honda Odyssey minivan in the Parking lot of Seven Hills. Immediately send officers — I’m almost dead,» he said.

Who cleared the Park law enforcement officers could not locate the ill-fated car, despite the fact that there were about fifty cars. As it turned out, the operator who took the second call, never told them the brand and color.

At April 10th at 3:14pm a 911 call taker rcvd a call from Kyle Plush who stated they were struck in a van. At 3:21pm the incident was broadcast. Two @CincyPD officers responded at 3:26pm to patrol and investigate the incident.

— Cincinnati Police (@CincyPD) April 12, 2018

Around 21:00 Kyle found the father, but he was already dead.

As the cause of death the coroner called asphyxiation caused by compression of the chest.

Sheriff Hamilton County initiated a comprehensive investigation into the incident to determine what prevented the police half a day to find the child at the named place.

Uncle of the deceased, who wished to remain anonymous, blames for the death of the nephew of 911.